Officials in the Grand Valley come together for dinner

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The Grand Valley is made up of many different city, town, and elected officials. Thursday evening they got together to share ideas with each other at the Municipalities Dinner.

The dinner was hosted by the Town of Palisade at the Wine Country Inn. Due to the recent elections officials have not been able to have the dinner in some time so they were happy to be able to get together on Thursday. Officials try to hold dinners like this every quarter when possible.

"It's all about relationships. If there's an issue in Fruita or an issue in Palisade either from the city prospective or the school prospective we need to know each other," says John Williams, school board member with District 51.

Other officials say that the dinners are great for brainstorming, and finding out what’s working and what’s not working in different areas in the valley.

Also at the dinner a presentation was given about how the City of Grand Junction dealt with the natural gas explosion that took place on 7th Street last March. They talked about what worked, challenges that the city faced, not only that day, but during the aftermath of the explosion.

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