Open carry gun servers

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RIFLE, Colo. Complete with pen pad, apron, and glock, the wait staff of one Western Slope restaurant is armed are ready to take your order.

Shooters Grill of Rifle has caught national attention because of its unique open carry restaurant service.

You'll find many of the servers with guns in holster as they jot down your order.

Owner Lauren Boebert says it's not about finding a gimmick that works for her restaurant.

She and her staff are just exercising their second amendment rights.

“The people who are here, they want to be here, they like the food, they like our means of transporting the food with our firearms at our sides,” says Lauren Boebert.

Employees are not required to open carry but are invited to do so.

Anyone carrying a gun must go through a five hour training session to obtain their conceal carry permit.

They're also inviting the community to take part in their second amendment rights by hosting a monthly conceal carry permit class that comes with a free meal.

The class is affordable and open to the public, and you can register in-person at shooters grill.

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