Opening day for Carbondale recreational pot shop

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CARBONDALE, Colo. Carbondale's first recreational marijuana shop is up and running.

"It feels terrific to be able to sell to the general public," said Robert Pinchuck, one of the owners of Doctor's Garden. "It took a long time for us to get to this point. There's been a lot of applications and background checks."

Customers waited in long lines at Doctor's Garden, which is right off Carbondale's Main Street, to be among the first to buy the drug from the store without a medical marijuana card.

"I think just celebrating the end of people in the shadows to take care of their mind, so it's nice to come out of the shadows," said customer Steven Colby.

Carbondale's town council approved the shop to open at a meeting Tuesday night.

The sales started at 9:30 a.m. Thursday with 50 people into the shop within the first three hours of being open.

"They're supportive and they're very happy that they're coming in making history and they're smiling and they're thrilled to be here," Pinchuck said.

Pinchuck expected 100 more customers to come in throughout the rest of the day.

The store will continue to sell medical marijuana like they've done since they opened in 2009.

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