Outdoor dining bringing customers downtown

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It's the season of sunshine and downtown restaurants are using it their advantage to bring in more customers by offering outdoor dining.

Restaurants lease the patio areas from the city of Grand Junction as a right of way from the front of the business to the street.

Only $1 per square foot a year is the small price restaurants pay for what benefits the entire downtown community.

"Outdoor dining is really one of the great hallmarks of really successful downtowns," said Harry Weiss, executive director of the Downtown Development Authority. "And they're really wonderful for people to come out and have a great time. It extends the shopping district hours into the evening."

For restaurants that serve alcohol, they are able to serve in the patio area with an amended liquor license.

However, customers can only drink in the patio area or inside the restaurant. Drinking on the sidewalk or the streets is not permitted.

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