Overweight dogs could experience a tougher life

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) - It’s not just people that need to focus on staying fit. Weight issues can also affect our furry friends as well. Recent studies have shown that overweight dogs could have their life shortened by a few years.

Too much weight on a dog or cat can be bad on their hips and can lead to heart problems for older animals. For those animals that are overweight annual check ups can be helpful, "for dogs that are overweight, if they're severely overweight I recommend they come in about once a month, not necessarily for the exam but come in and stand on the scale just like they're going to do on the "Biggest Loser" or when you go into Weight Watchers. Put them on the scale because if you see them actually going down it's going to be an encouragement and if they're not going down then we need to evaluate one, are we on the best food or two, is there a medical issue," says Steve Terlouw, veterinarian at Animal Medical Clinic.

Experts at the Animal Medical Clinic also say you need to take in to account treats that you are giving your pet as they need to be accounted for in your pet’s diet.

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