Overnight freezes hit Grand Valley orchards

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PALISADE, Colo. A sudden drop in temperatures has many fruit growers in the Grand Valley gearing up to protect their crops from the cold.

Sunday night's overnight freeze is characteristic of springtime in Western Colorado, but that doesn't mean fruit growers are going to sit back until the cold passes.

Some producers are using costly wind machines to help boost orchard temperatures while others are sprinkling their plants to insulate them from the cold.

"If it's a freeze at this stage, most often it will affect the fruit itself, so we'll just basically freeze and lose. the peaches will never come to fruition," says Theresa High, of High Country Orchards.

Another overnight freeze alert was issued for Monday night in Mesa County, but the following five or six days should be considerably warmer.

Experts say that there's a few more spring freezes ahead of us, so even if you're not a fruit grower, it's best to keep your plants and your pets inside for a little longer.

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