Oxbow idling Elk Creek Mine

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DELTA COUNTY, Colo. In October, 150 workers were laid off from the Oxbow Mining's Elk Creek Mine near Somerset.

Now, just before the holidays, the rest of the mine's workforce was laid off after the announcement, the mine will no longer produce a product.

Delta County residents say the devastating announcement came as a shock.

"You just hope that it's just another one of those in-town rumors but in the back of your mind you know it's the truth," says Brandy Lozano whose husband and mother worked at the mine. "[It's] something you expect, and you try to prepare for it, but you can't."

In Delta County, for every mining job there are another five to seven jobs created.

Without those mining jobs, county officials say the economic impact will be felt across the board; including in the school district and healthcare system.

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