Palisade High School stays connected through mobile app

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Palisade High School has become the first District 51 school to streamline communication with parents, teachers and students through a mobile app.

The app was implemented at the beginning of the school year. It's features include calendars, events, notifications, deadlines and instant access to Parent Bridge. Funding for the application came from a grant the school's counseling department received to improve students' post-secondary readiness.

To help get students ready for the future, the app features a special, "Life after high school" feature.

"Whether students choose the military, college or going straight to the workforce, the app helps keeps students on those tracks and gives them options to explore other tracks," said the app's creator, Dottie Sheader, owner of Smart Apps of Grand Junction.

Palisade High School Principal Matthew Dieres said the app is a way to improve communication between parents, students, staff and the community.

"As a public educator for 26 years now, one of the biggest complaints we always get is 'we didn't know,'" Dieres said. "It's always a challenge and this is just another way to try to battle that challenge in getting info out about our school."

For Palisade High School parent David Miller, the app allows him to stay connected while he's out of town on business.

"It definitely makes it easier for me as a parent because there are many things to keep track of," Miller said. "Now people are on the go and they access information in all sorts of ways, so we really have a whole new channel of how to stay in touch with our students and parents and the school."

Sheader said she is developing a similar mobile app for Fruita Monument High School and R-5 High School.

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