Palisade adopts ordinance to update street names

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PALISADE, Colo. The Palisade Board of Trustees has adopted an ordinance to update street names.

The Board met Tuesday to discuss an ordinance that would update street names and home addresses to make it easier for emergency crews to get to.

This issue started as a county wide problem and now the town of Palisade is trying to take a step in a fresh direction.

Officials said the previous ordinance was outdated and used decimals, fractions and some houses weren't even required to be numbered.

They are now looking into the option of replacing it with a modern version mainly because emergency response times can be delayed because mapping computers can't figure out the address.

Town Administrator, Richard Sales, said one example in Palisade of the confusing street names is Highway 6, which is also called 8th Street, Front Street and G Road.

The next step is to have an open house for the residents whose addresses could change. Sales said the changes will be minor and only for those addresses that pose a safety hazard to emergency crews.

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