Palisade eyes facelift to an aging stretch of road

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Palisade residents got a first look Monday at the possible plans to revamp an aging stretch of road.

Planning commission members showed off three designs that would give a facelift to a stretch of U.S. Highway 6 near Palisade High School, answering questions and concerns from the community to gather as much information as possible before presenting to the Palisade board of trustees.

The planning commission said a main concern is to build sidewalks for pedestrians.

“We don't have adequate sidewalks between that high school and the grade school down here on this corridor, the kids are walking along the service roads, and it's not just children either, we have a lot of pedestrian traffic and bicycle traffic," Richard Mathews with the planning commission said.

The stretch of Highway 6 would revamp three main intersections off Eighth Street. The project has no funding yet, but planning commission members said they'll look for grants after a redesign project is finalized.

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