Palisade fruit farmers face threats of weather and FDA

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PALISADE, Colo. (KKCO) - The freezing temperatures Tuesday night could cause fruit farmers to lose their entire year's crop.

If the temperatures drop to 21 degrees or below for 30 minutes or more there's a good chance most of the Palisade fruit farmers will lose the majority of their fruit.

This danger, although more pressing right now, is not the only threat fruit farmer's are facing.

The FDA is proposing new standards that would increase the responsibilities of fruit growers, including the testing of their irrigation water and sanitization of canvas fruit-picking bags.

Fruit trees were often thought of as safe when it came to human illness, and they were generally kept in a class seperate from the melons and other ground fruits known to be illness risks.

Nothing is set in stone, though, and even if the proposals pass officials do say that they would take into consideration growing conditions and where the fruits are grown.

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