Palisade peaches are in stock!

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PALISADE, Colo. Some of the best peaches in the country grow in our very own backyard, and harvest time has finally arrived.

Palisade peaches crop have survived this year's unusually long winter and come out on top.

This year's crop is abundant, plentiful, and ripe for picking.

National recalls involving listeria may have some weary of picking up the peaches, but Grand Valley growers can proudly say their crop is bacteria free.

Orchards are being picked daily and sold in grocery stores and farmers markets all over the Western Slope.

“Any sort of outbreak like this is really really uncommon and we certainly haven't seen any sort of contamination in the valley, absolutely not,” says Jaime Cox of Palisade Produce.

Palisade growers have a unique was of picking and packing their crop to avoid outbreaks of listeria.

The bacteria responsible for listeria typically develops from stagnant water leftover from microbial washes.

However, Palisade producers box their fruit straight from the tree to bypass the wash and keep their peaches safe.

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