Palisade remains Japanese beetle-free for fourth year

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Palisade is Japanese beetle-free four years running.

The Upper Grand Valley Pest Control District (UGVPCD) has announced that after placing 100 traps in the area this year, they have found no signs of the pest.

The beetles first infested Palisade in 2002, when they caused damage to landscape plants, turf grasses and fruit trees. They are not a native species to Colorado.

Local landowners worked with municipal and state agencies to eradicate the Japanese beetles between 2003 and 2008. They trapped the bugs and used insecticide on their lawns to get rid of them.

The pests are still a problem in south-central Denver and near Cortez, so the UGVPCD closely monitors our area to make sure they have not been reintroduced.

All trees, shrubs, sod and ornamental grasses from infested, eastern states must be checked and certified as beetle-free

It is illegal to move Japanese beetle-infested soil and plants into Colorado and within the state.

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