Palisade meets to talk pot

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PALISADE, Colo. The Palisade Board of Trustees and community members came together Tuesday evening to discuss the language that will appear on election ballots in regards to recreational marijuana.

Officials adopted two resolutions - one that separates the ballot issue of recreational marijuana into four parts: sale, cultivation, infused products, and testing.

The second resolution leaves the option of an additional occupation tax on retail marijuana businesses up to voters come November.

“I would just really encourage the citizens to look at this issue, both sides, pros and cons and a make good informed decisions. There's a lot of information out there and we hope they take a good hard look before they vote,” says Richard Sales, the administrator of the town of Palisade.

Occupational tax rates for the second resolution adopted at Monday night's meeting will appear on the November ballot as $5 dollars for purchases between zero and $100 dollars, $20 dollars for purchases between $100 to $500 dollars, and $25 dollars for purchases over $500 dollars.

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