Paradise Hills residents wake up to flood

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) Residents in a local neighborhood started off their weekends with water-filled yards and mud-covered streets.

"I wanted a pool in my backyard, so I got to wake up to one," said Dave Ealey, who had four feet of water in his yard.

Paradise Hills residents said a nearby drainage ditch overflowed from the recent rainfall. A water surge rushed right through the neighborhood, bringing with it lots of water and mud.

"It sounds like pretty much everybody got flooded," Ealey said. "I just got the brunt of it because I live down low."

Ealey said he thinks 15 properties are damaged. His house remained dry, but his shed and backyard are going to need some work once all of the water is drained, he said.

"It’s probably 30 thousand dollars worth of tools out there," Ealey said about his shed. "And my yard is pretty much ruined and I have no idea what that will cost."

City workers started cleaning up the scene at 11:30 a.m. and said they would continue working until the job was done.

"One guy from the city is up there working I understand on his day off, which is kind of cool." Ealey said. "They did a really good job. I’m not upset with them at all."