Parents concerned over threats at Central High School

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Some parents of Central High School students are voicing concerns after learning of morbid threats one student was making to classmates.

The incident was reported last Wednesday, and according to the arrest affidavit, the victims reported the student saying he wanted to grow up to be a rapist, and have a side job as a murderer.

"It reminds me of Columbine, it takes me back to the protection of our children
and people stepping forward and speaking to prevent it from happening," said parent Shannan Knutson. "I'm disgusted that there is somebody that close to my child that can make these kinds of threats, it's just disgusting."

Knutson said she is concerned about how this situation will be handled and whether or not the student will be allowed back in classes at Central High School.

Tim Leon, District 51 Director of Safety, Security and Transportation, said the crisis team, consisting of administration and counselors, will pursue an investigation with law enforcement to determine what steps will be taken.

"When there's something as serious as this, the crisis team will come together and come up with the best plan for that particular student, the victims and other students," Leon said.

Leon said the victims have the right to first choice of school, and if they aren't comfortable with the student returning to Central High School, the district will make accommodations to transfer the student to another school.

"Every student has the right to some core education," Leon said. "We would really like to keep them in the general population if the conditions and plan ask for that."

But, for parents like Knutson, the idea of this student returning to class is unacceptable.

"I would be appalled if they allowed him back around any student at Central High School or in the district for that matter," Knutson said. "If they were going to bring him back, it'd be a darn shame."

School administrators declined to discuss the matter, or how they were notifying students and parents. Knutson said she was never notified by the school of the incident.

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