Parents get creative to keep kids healthy

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo. Let's go play! Used to be a child's favorite words to hear, but recently technology, television and video games have led to less time on the playground and more time sitting around.

This sedentary lifestyle is forcing parents to come up with creative ways to get their kids outside and moving. But as seasons change so does the challenge of getting your kids to be more active.

Experts at the Mesa County Health Department said it's critical to a child’s health that they remain physically active at school and at home.

In 2010, 23.7 % of children in Mesa County were overweight and across the state that percentage jumps to 25.8%.

Veronica Daehn Harvey from the Health Department suggests parents find ways to keep kids active every day, like dancing or scavenger hunts - things that they can do no matter what the weather is.

"Putting down the iPad, turning off the TV, shutting off the video games and getting outside and even just playing, being physically active is really important for children,” said Daehn Harvey.

Reducing obesity is critical to a child’s health but consistent, physical activity has benefits beyond a healthy waistline.

Kids that are active regularly have stronger muscles and bones; they do better in school, and have a more positive outlook on life.

Health Department officials suggest kids get active every day for at least 60 minutes.

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