Parents, park crews on lookout for dangers at playgrounds

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Reports of razor blades found attached to playground equipment in the United States have parents looking for peace of mind here in Grand Junction parks.

"They definitely symbolize fun and carefree childhood experiences, so to have that be jeopardized would really be a sad thing," said Sarah Kjellerson, who was with her two sons at Lincoln Park Friday.

Razor blades were seen in Pennsylvania and Illinois playgrounds, injuring a two year old in Illinois.

Grand Junction Parks and Recreation crews look over the city playgrounds regularly and crews do a detailed inspection of them once a month.

"We go through every nut and bolt," said Ron Felt, of Grand Junction Parks and Recreation. "We make sure the playground safety surfacing is good. We just really thoroughly go through it. Every time the crews are in the park they visually check it. Just to see if there's anything that stands out out of the ordinary."

Parents can also be on the lookout for anything unusual.

"They're our eyes out here and if they see something let us know and we'll take care of it right away," Felt said.

Maintenance crews also check playground surfacing and mulch daily because it cushions children's falls.

Parents are still encouraged to look over playground equipment before letting their children on it and they should never take their eyes off their young children.

"Which means sometimes you have to get on the equipment with them is usually the best way to do that," Kjellerson said. "If there was something dangerous on the equipment, I hope that I would see it as the same time as them."

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