Parking plan to help traffic at JUCO

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- As fun as JUCO games are to attend, parking is never a home run.

Avoid striking out with the Grand Junction Police Department by knowing more about the city's traffic plan.

Starting at the seventh inning of each game, cones and barriers will be set up to restrict drivers going into Lincoln Park. By the ninth inning, no one will be allowed to drive into the area so both entrances can be used as exits.

Personnel will be stationed at both 12 Street and North Avenue to keep pedestrians safe and keep traffic flowing as it leaves the stadium and surrounding neighborhoods.

Buses will help to hit traffic out of the park(ing lot). Click the document at the top of this story to see the schedule of shuttles that will pick you up and drop you off around the city. Rides are free if you show them your JUCO tournament pass or single game ticket.

If you have children at the games that you need to pick up, GJPD has the following suggestions for avoiding traffic:

  • If it's before the game's end, pick them up at the entrance at Gunnison Avenue, just east of 12th Street.

  • After the game, tell your kids to wait in the stadium for about half an hour until the traffic is cleared. Then the entrances will be open to incoming traffic again.

  • Have your children use one of the shuttles and pick them at a designated locations.

  • Agree on a meeting spot at a business nearby or on the CMU campus. Go over the route they need to take, emphasizing well-lit areas, stoplights and crosswalks. Then pick them up at the designated spot after the game.

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