Forest Service will close part of forest due to fire

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The U.S. Forest Service is advising hunters it will be closing part of a forest during the upcoming big game season.

That area is the Game Management Unit 23 in the White River National Forest. The southeast portion of the unit will be closed at least until Dec. 31 due to concerns about an active wildfire in the area.

The Middle Elk Fire has been burning since Sept. 20 in the New Castle area.

U.S. Forest Service officials say the fire was caused by an unattended campfire and has grown to more than 250 acres.

Officials want you to know more about campfire safety. That includes letting wood burn completely to ash, downing the fire and all embers with water, stirring the campfire ashes with a shovel and not leaving until the ash and embers are still damp and cold to the touch.

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