Payments made to Colo. shooting victims, families

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DENVER (AP) -- Thirty-eight victims of the Colorado theater shootings or their families have received about $5.3 million from the Aurora Victim Relief Fund.

KUSA-TV reports payments were made Monday. Amounts were announced Friday.

Families of the 12 people killed and five victims who suffered permanent brain damage or paralysis were each allotted $220,000.

Six people hospitalized at least 20 days were allotted $160,000 each. Two who were hospitalized eight to 19 days were allotted $91,680 each. Thirteen people hospitalized less than eight days were allotted $35,000 each.

Ken Feinberg was named special master for the fund after some families said money wasn't being paid to victims and there was no accountability for the fund.

A gunman killed the 12 people and injured at least 58 others in the July 20 shootings.

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