Peach lovers head to the vineyards for tours

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PALISADE, Colo. The Palisade Peach Fest is officially over and on Sunday many visitors went out to get one more peach filled day in.

Visitors filled the parking lots of the different orchards and vineyards in Palisade to take an agriculture tour.

One place that saw quite a few people was High Country Orchard. Jessica Diner, event coordinator for the orchard, said people love coming out and taking in the beautiful scenery.

"When people come back after they walked around the property, we'll talk to them about the peach growing process, the different varieties we have, all of our wine making processes and we have a lot of information to share," said Diner.

The orchard also features a country store where peach lovers can buy all types of peach related products and a wine tasting area to taste the wine the different local orchards make.

Many people said they couldn't wait to taste all of the different peaches and wines.

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