People show pride for vets with poppies

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FRUITA, Colo. Red poppies grew Friday across the Grand Valley as a small symbol of support for all the people who have served our country.

The Palisade American Legion sold paper poppies at the Fruita City Market for people to wear for however much they wanted to donate to help disabled veterans.

The proceeds allow group members to purchase supplies to send 1,500 greeting cards on major holidays to cheer up hospitalized veterans.

The poppy is the sign of appreciation for all our troops have sacrificed in the name of freedom.

"After world war one, there were all these soldiers killed on the field. The following years, these poppies bloomed and it's a symbol of their blood," said Julie Dominguez-Aysse, president of the Palisade American Legion.

The Palisade American Legion will sell paper poppies again for July 4.

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