Philly Fire Department mourns 3rd loss in a year

Raging fire and billowing smoke
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PHILADELPHIA (AP) — A Philadelphia firefighter injured in a blaze that claimed the life of a veteran fire captain is being released from a hospital.

A spokeswoman for Thomas Jefferson University Hospital says 28-year-old Andrew Godlinski was reported discharged shortly after noon on Sunday, although officials couldn't confirm that he had left the hospital yet.

Officials say he was burned on his hands while trying to rescue 53-year-old Capt. Michael Goodwin, who was on the roof of the three-story building when it collapsed Saturday. They said Goodwin fell to the second floor, and Godlinski tried to rescue him there before the second-floor roof and two walls also collapsed.

The loss came as the department prepared to mark a year since an April 9 blaze at a warehouse killed two firefighters, also in a collapse.

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