Phone scam strikes again

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Its hard to imagine a stranger on the phone could figure out intimate details of your life in just a few seconds and get enough information to take your money minutes later, but this has happened to several local residents.

One local woman shared her story today in hopes of preventing others from being hit by phone scammers.

Grand Junction Resident Dorris Wilson says she thought she was helping her grandson who had been in a car accident.
"There was a crying and a nervous child on the other side, and I said is this you Chris?," said Wilson.

The man on the other end said yes and continued to tell her that her that he needed $2,000 to pay for a car accident he caused.

"Got the money real quick and put it to the Western Union to the Dominican Republic," said Wilson.

"This continues to happen and these people get away with it a lot of these people don't want to speak up because they are old and they think they've been made a fool of," said Wilson's daughter Marilee Neece.

Even thought the money is gone Dorris Wilson says she'll be ok, but knows there are a lot of people who can't afford to lose thousands of dollars.

But said when it comes to being a grandparent it can be hard to say know to a grandchild in need.

"I did what I could to help him because grandparents are that way, they will give the shirts off their backs to their kids and grand kids," said Wilson.

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