Phone scammer pretends to be Montrose Chamber of Commerce

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MONTROSE, Colo. Scammers are targeting small businesses in Montrose by using the name of a trusted organization.

An imposter called a business claiming to be from the Montrose Chamber of Commerce to get information from the business owners.

The Montrose Chamber of Commerce confirmed the call is fake.

"They're kind of taking advantage for these smaller businesses and selling advertising and it might not be beneficial to them whatsoever so the information could be used for something like that or developing other mailing lists," said Jenni Sopsic, executive director of the Montrose Chamber of Commerce.

The area code for the phone call is 402, while any call from the chamber would be from a 970 number.

The chamber is asking any other business owners who receive any suspicious calls to let them know.

"The resource that we have developed with our members, we can share these types of scams or potential negative business transactions that could happen in Montrose," Sopsic said.

The Montrose Chamber of Commerce is small, so the caller would be either Jenni or Ashley.

If the caller says a different name or won't identify who he or she is, that could be a scammer.

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