Phone scammers claim to be law enforcement

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. It starts out as a typical phone call from a different area code, but quickly, this call coming from scammers turns fishy.

"He said, 'Yes, may I please speak to Jaime?" said Jaime O'Dell. "He called me by my first name and I said, 'May I ask who's calling?' 'Oh, this is Officer David Jones. We just needed to speak with her immediately. Could you let her know we're calling or leave her a message?' and I said, 'Ok I will be calling the police now."

Jaime O'Dell said she's been getting phone calls a couple times a month since March from different men claiming to be a law enforcement officers.

"We now have issued a warrant for your arrest if you don't contact us by such and such a time, something dramatic is going to happen," O'Dell said, about a text she actually received with the same story.

She said she knows it's a scam and hangs up, so she's not sure if the next demand would be money or information from the scammer.

Either way, it's a dangerous path for people, who don't realize they're being scammed.

"There's someone, maybe a sweet innocent person who thinks, 'Oh my goodness, a warrant is a bad thing, I really should get this taken care of,'" she said. "They're going to call and give all their information and then their identity is stolen or they give money, whatever it is."

The Grand Junction Police Department won't deliver information about arrest warrants over the phone like the scam tries to do, said Kate Porras, of the Grand Junction Police Department.

GJPD can't take any action against the phone calls unless it turns into a crime once money or information is actually stolen, but you can view a list of scams going on around Grand Junction here:

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