Pies for paws fundraiser

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Tomato cafe in Fruita hosted the Roice-Hurst Humane Society fundraiser on Saturday morning. The "Pies for Paws" event raised money for the shelter and provided current pet owners with a few tips on how to keep their pets safe.

"We love animals... we helped um out last year actually the last two years... so we are just kinda on board with trying to help the local human society," said Jen Zeuner owner of Tomato Cafe.

Tomato Cafe and Creature Comforts Animal Clinic teamed up to help the human society. Dr. Amy Johnson from the clinic offered discounted micro-chipping to pet owners in an effort to help residents keep tabs on their furry friends.

"You know really and truly if you lose your pet... that's probably the best way to get back in touch with mom and dad," said Dr. Johnson.

The procedure is done with a needle and the chip goes directly under the animals skin. The cost can range between $40 and $50 dollars.

The humane society also held an on site adoption opportunity.

"We will have 4-5 dogs.... and there are plenty more back at the shelter," said Elaine Johnson-Craig R-H Fundraising Chair.

A portion of Tomato Cafe sales went towards the R-H Humane Society, as well as money raised form T-shirt and tote bag sales.

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