UPDATE: Pipe bomb threat made on app locks down Montrose schools

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MONTROSE, Colo. - All Montrose and Olathe District Schools were taken off shelter in place shortly after 1 p.m. Friday.

Law enforcement physically searched Montrose High School, Olathe High School and district middle schools after a post saying "I have a pipe bomb and I'm going to set it off during passing period 1053-1030 today" was put up on Yik Yak earlier that morning.

A student alerted school administrators to the post, which prompted the search and enactment of the shelter in place.

"Our first priority is the safety of our students then we'll enter into an investigation of that and I think the police will probably be leading that," said Mark McHale, superintendent of Montrose and Olathe School District.

Law enforcement did not find anything suspicious at the schools, which allowed administrators to lift the shelter in place two and a half hours after it began.

The app Yik Yak does not require users to create a username and anyone can post anonymously for people within a ten mile radius to view.

"I can’t speak of what the consequences will be specially until the investigation was finished," McHale said. "Certainly criminal charges would be one of the things we’d be looking at."

An anonymous posting on an app called 'YikYak' is what prompted Montrose officials to shut down all schools in the District.

School District Superintendent Mark MacHale tells us the threat referenced a pipe bomb going off during a passing period. He says that was the key phrase that led them to believe the threat could be in a middle or high school.

Right now Montrose Police are doing a physical search of those schools while they are all on a soft lockdown - meaning no one can come or go without being screened first. Those inside the school can move freely.

The schools are on lockdown until the search is over. Stay with us for updates on this developing story.

Our crews are enroute to Montrose after the School District there received a bomb threat.

All Montrose schools are in a soft lockdown, that means everyone going in or out of the buildings are being screened. Students and staff are free to move within the building during the lockdown.

School District Superintendent Mark MacHale tells us it was a non-specific threat, so security measures are in place at all the schools. He declined to elaborate on those safety measures. He did however, confirm the threat involved a pipe bomb.

Montrose Police were conducting a SWAT Training at Montrose High School today, it is unrelated to the threat.

Stay with us for update information on this developing story.

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