Plans for Horizon Drive District

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Grand Junction, Colo. (KKCO) - The goal of the Horizon Drive District is to improve safety, stimulate economic development, and improve the overall image of Horizon Drive.

To further the cause the district had an open house Thursday night at the Grand Vista Hotel, where they discussed future plans for the district and received feed back. Some of the plans include adding new roundabouts near the I-70 intersection and a center median with plants.

"We want to make it, a bright beautiful place for people to come to and to welcome them to the city and also a place where people want to come and do business," says Brenda Brock, who is a member of the Horizon Drive Board.

Right now 49% of the land in the district is undeveloped. The Board says the improvements would help change that. Another change would be to add more crosswalks along Horizon Drive, where two people have been killed while crossing the road.

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