Police Chiefs weigh in on pot money distribution

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The Colorado Association of Chiefs of Police reached out to Governor Hickenlooper addressing their concerns about where money from marijuana will go.

Police departments across the state say a significant portion of the revenue should come back to those right on the front lines, dealing with criminal behavior related to pot.

The chiefs say 10-15%of those revenues should be given back to local police departments, but not everyone agrees.

"Drug treatment facilities," says Grand Junction resident, Ann Leadbetter. "There are all sorts of things that you can put it other than law enforcement because it's not illegal anymore."

The first $40 million of wholesale pot taxes are carved out for school construction and improvement.

Initial reports released show roughly two-thirds of marijuana sales in January happened in Denver.

If sales continue as they did in January and the CACP were to get it's 10-15%, that would be approximately $4.2-$6.4 million in grants going back to local police.

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