Police cracking down on underage drinkers

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If you're drinking underage, or buying alcohol for minors, police have a message for you: they're coming to get you.

Last week, law enforcement handed out more than 50 minor in possession of alcohol-- or MIP-- citations to underage drinkers and suppliers. Seventeen of those were given after they caught kids drinking before heading inside for 18 and over night in the Infinity Nightclub parking lot.

Just two days later, police handed out 35 more citations to underage drinkers, 22 of them at one party that included three fifteen-year-olds.

Police are cracking down now because they have the funds and manpower after receiving the underage drinking laws grant.

"Our goal is to educate kids on what the laws are, and what they could face, and also to keep them safe,” Grand Junction Police Department PIO Kate Porras said. “And when you think about it, you have young people that are out drinking, they're getting drunk, they could be getting behind the wheel of a car, or getting in a friend's car that's drunk. A lot of times underage people that are drunk are more susceptible to becoming victims of crimes."

GJPD, the Mesa County Sheriff's Office and State Liquor Enforcement are teaming up for the crackdown that authorities say won’t be slowing down anytime soon.

"We don't plan to stop. This is something that we feel is very important for our community and for the safety of our young people, so anybody out there that's considering buying alcohol for underage people or underage people themselves need to remember that we're going to be out there looking for you,” Porras said.

Law enforcement says now that CMU is back in session, we could also see more MIPs handed out because more young people are in the community.

If you receive a summons for a minor in possession, you will have to go before a judge, who will decide what penalties you face.

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