Bill restricting teen tanning passes first hurdle

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) - That golden glow this summer may have to come from a bottle if you're under the age of 18.

A House committee heard testimony Tuesday on a proposed bill which would require a doctor's prescription for a teen under the age of 15 to get into a tanning bed, and those between 15 and 18 would need parental permission.

One local tanning salon, Sunkissd Tanning, doesn’t believe it will affect business as they already take their own precautions by requiring parent permission under the age of 16.

"We're all Smart Tanned certified here; we're all professionals, so we can definitely recommend times for people to tan, to help them from over exposure or burning," said Maggie Soffel, manager at Sunkissd Tanning.

Most states already limit youth tanning in some way.

Colorado is one of the few which doesn't have any restrictions when it comes to teens tanning.

There is good news for those seeking a tan. A safe alternative without any restriction is a spray tan.

Staff at Sunkissd Tanning says their customers see results instantly without UV exposure.

There are some medical reasons a doctor might prescribe tanning as a treatment, including depression, Vitamin D deficiency, muscle aches and even some skin disorders.

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