Pot shops could bring De Beque big money

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DE BEQUE, Colo. A recent report by the Colorado Department of Revenue is showing the pot industry is Colorado is doing very well.

Most of the town is looking forward to the great financial opportunities selling recreational marijuana in De Beque presents.

"I think it's really good if it's done in an appropriate manner," said Hans Liptak, a resident in De Beque.

Recently, the Colorado Department of Revenue released their study on the demand for pot within Colorado since it was legalized. Those numbers have surprised many people.

Coloradans and visitors to the state have been using pot by the tons, around 130 metric tons so far, and many retail pot shops are seeing profits in the six-figure range monthly.

90% of marijuana consumed in the six months since its legalization has been by visitors to the state, mostly in the mountain areas and other tourist hot spots.

“What I'll be advocating for the town is an approximate 12% tax rate, 2% sales tax that is already in place and some combination of taxes to get us to the remaining 10%" said Patterson.

De Beque town officials say they have to be cautious in implementing regulations and restrictions and base them on other municipalities in the state that allow legal pot shops.

"We are looking at capitalizing on the retail aspect but as well as the grow aspect," said Patterson.

When De Beque does open the doors to their pot shops they will not only be the only shop in Mesa County but the only one from here to Washington State.

De Beque will be holding their next open meeting on recreational marijuana on July 21st where they will discussing the fees that will be associated with opening up a shop.

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