Pot at Powderhorn: Resort Officials say "No."

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POWDERHORN, Colo. Even though it is legal to buy and have up to an ounce on your person, Colorado residents can only use pot in private.

That's the reminder Powderhorn Mountain Resort is giving it's visitors.

Resort officials say rules against smoking pot on aren't changing with the new year.

And they warn anyone who considers smoking pot on their property... To think again.

"Our property, the lodges, our parking lots are on private property, it's illegal," says Powderhorn spokesman, Dave Smith. "The ski area is on forest service land which is federal land, it's illegal."

The repercussions for using pot at any of the ski areas in the state could range from losing your lift pass, to dealing with law enforcement.

Powderhorn officials say their main goal is to make sure all of their guests are happy, and for who choose to take advantage of the new laws, the rule is do it elsewhere.

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