Pothole problems

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. As you're out driving around town you'll probably notice more potholes than you normally see.

Officials say rainy, warmer weather during the day and cooler, below-freezing nights create the perfect conditions for freeze thaw cycles which make a mess of our roads.

And during the winter, the city of Grand Junction doesn't have access to hot asphalt to permanently fix the holes, so they make do with what they can.

"We use a cold mix, use some millings and stuff to keep the holes filled in," says Manager of Streets and Solid Waste for the City of Grand Junction, Darren Starr. "It's not great but it buys us time until we can get to the hot mix plants opening up here in the spring."

The city is now reaching out to the public for help finding the potholes.

You can let them know of any problem spots by visiting the fix it program at the link below or by calling the division of streets and solid waste.

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