Powderhorn Resort opens up for Summer activities

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GRAND JUNCTION,Colo The first ever Powderhorn Mud Dash kicked off the summer season up at the resort on Saturday

This is the first year the resort has decided to host several events and open up different activities for everyone to enjoy up on the mountain.

“We’re doing a lot of different events, today with the mud dash and tomorrow we have an event up here with Gold’s Gym, a fitness competition," said Dave Smith Marketing Manager for PowderHorn Resort.

Aside from the events the resort will be hosting throughout June, July, and August, they are also open daily for hiking and biking and disc golf.

“You can come up here and spend the afternoon and then you can also stick around and enjoy a movie up here outside on the mountain," said Smith.

Saturday night at 8:00pm the will start their Mountain Man Movie Night by showing Rango.

Powderhorn officials said they are excited about all the events they will hosting this summer and are encouraging everyone to come out even if there isn't an event.

"They can just come up for a drive, hang out and enjoy the view there is plenty of opportunity and great things for the entire family," said Smith.

Over 100 runners participated in Saturday’s event, and many said they hope the resort continues hosting events throughout the summer.

"It was pretty fun it was four laps each one was a mile and I think it was appropriately challenging," said Michael O’Reily a runner in the Mud Dash Event.

The race feature 11 obstacles through part of the mountain in four 1 mile loops, many of the obstacles included mud.

On July 12th – 13th there will be a WeBe Dirt Bike race and the Mountain Man movie night.

July 26-27th, the resort will host the Bottles, Can, and Music Festival with beer and Wine tasting. On August 2nd-3rd, the Outdoor fest will take place at Powderhorn including the chili and salsa cook-off, and paintball tournament.

To see a full list of events at Powderhorn resort visit their website at www.powderhorn.com/summer-events-calendar.

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