Power to the [local] people

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Proponents of a new ballot measure, called "The Right to Local Self-Government," say it will elevate the rights of people above those of big corporations.

However, opponents of Initiative 75 say it just serves to ban fracking in Colorado, and are wary of allowing local governments the ability to disregard state laws.

But supporters say it while won't ban fracking or other big businesses outright, it would give local governments power to do so in their communities.

"This would give that municipality greater authority and it would be exempt from state preemption," says Cliff Willmeng with the Colorado Community Rights Network. "Which is the legal foothold that these large corporations are using against local governments."

Currently big businesses, like mining and fracking corporations, need to get state approval to begin work in local communities; Initiative 75 would require them to get approval from those local communities.

The measure would not give local government the ability to restrict the rights of individuals, only to deny corporations or big business entities from operating in their communities.

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