Preparation for the 30th annual Parade of Lights

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The final touches of glitter and lights are being put on floats in preparation for the 30th annual Parade of Lights.

Absolute Dance came in second place last year in the Performance category and they have big plans to make a nutcracker themed float.

The dance company has been participating in the parade for the last seven years. All 300 students and their families have been invited to walk next to the float, but because of the sub-zero temperatures they are all encouraged to bundle up. However, the chilly night will not stop these kids.

"They really love it, it's just a good opportunity for them to get out and get involved in the community," Amie Johnson, Absolute Dance.

E-Bricks Lego Outlet employees were also hard at work getting their float ready. The bad weather did not give them a chance to decorate it as well as staff there hoped but they said they are still looking forward to a fun night of lights.

However, it is not all fun and games for some who are sitting this year out. District 51 marching bands have opted out of the parade because the extreme temperatures can damage drums and wind instruments and can be too much for students to handle.

"Mouth pieces freeze to lips so it's a safety factor both for students and instruments and that's why the decision was made," Christy McGee, District 51.

Thousands of people will brave the cold and take to Main St. on Saturday at 5 PM to see the 100 floats.

However, the fun will begin earlier as local non-profit organizations will be selling holiday goodies and crafts at 11 AM and local groups will provide entertainment at 12:30 PM.

The city is banning parking on Main St. starting at 3 PM on Saturday afternoon, so any cars parked on the parade route will be towed.

Parking will be available on side streets and the parking garage at 4th and Rood.

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