Preparing for new gun laws

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- Those who own high capacity magazines and have intentions of passing down those firearms to family members will need make arrangements before new gun laws go into affect on July 1st.

Jamie Roth, estate attorney for Brown and Brown PC, said firearm owners should enter their guns into a gun trust, which will allow the owner to legally transfer ownership to any of the beneficiaries listed in the trust.

“Someone who owns a large capacity magazine on July 1st of this year can continue to own that magazine but they will not be able to transfer that magazine at their death,” Roth said. “That magazine will need to be destroyed or transferred to some place where it’s legal to own one, but it will not be able to be transferred to someone in Colorado.”

That is, unless the owner puts the gun into a trust. The trust allows beneficiaries to legally receive the firearms.

Starting July 1st, it is a class two misdemeanor for anyone to possess a large capacity magazine they did not own on July 1st, unless it’s entered into a trust.

For many on the Western Slope, firearms have been passed through generations.

“Several of the weapons I own now are ones that my grandfather and my father gave to me which are heirlooms to me,” said Brian Langfitt, owner of Cash Company pawn shop. “There’s no way they’re not going to stay in the family and I think that’s my right to transfer that.”

To set up a firearm trust, simply see an estate attorney to file the adequate paperwork. Jamie Roth can be reached at (970) 243-8250.

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