Preparing for the end: different interpretations of 12/21/12

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You've likely seen it in your Facebook feed, online or ever overheard others talking about it. December 21, 2012, or 12/21/12 is when 'The World Will End,’ or at least that's the rumor. It stems from the end of the Mayan calendar, as the 5,125 year Mayan calendar ends on Friday.

In the event of an emergency or even the end of the world, mother Kathren Stahly wants to be prepared for anything whether it's tomorrow, next year or 100 years from today.

"We get ready for any type of doomsday," Stahly said of her family. "We want to be prepared for any situation that happens, so we can be well stocked for any emergency."

Being ready means stocking up. Stahly cans meals and has three freezers packed full of meats vegetables and fruits. The family also breeds rabbits as an extra source of food.

"[We] raise them to breed them and eat them," Stahly said.

On Friday, the 5,125 year Mayan calendar will come to an end, bringing with it rumors of the end of the world.

"Because of that, because it’s such a rare event, that's where folks are starting to think something mysterious might be happening," Museum of Western Colorado curator Zebulon Miracle said.

Miracle says the idea that December 21st is a ‘doomsday’ is actually more of a modern interpretation of the calendar.

"There’s no Mayan script that says, something bad is going to happen at the end," Miracle said.

Scripture would say otherwise, too. Downtown Vineyard Church pastor Paul Watson references Matthew Chapter 24 when Jesus passes a fig tree that isn't producing figs.

"[Jesus] says, there will come a day and a time that no man knows the hour, that the son of man will return," Watson said.

For a pastor, the rumored doomsday is causing people to ask questions about what happens at the end of the world. Watson says if the world ended tomorrow, storing up peanut butter probably wouldn’t do a person a lot of good. Instead of considering where a person is physically, a person should be asking him or her self, “Where do you stand with God spiritually?"

Pastor watson says Christians live by faith, but people should still be doing a different type of preparation.

"Don’t prepare yourself for doomsday; prepare yourself every day for the return of Christ," he said.

A few local bars and restaurants will be hosting “End of the World” parties Thursday night. Those include Boston’s Pizza, Sabrosa’s, Cactus Canyon and the Mesa Theater.

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