Preparing for the worst

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Plane crashes, emergency landings, even mid-air medical emergencies... they happen rarely, but response crews are always prepared for the worst.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires airports to put on full-scale disaster response exercises once every three years.

But to be sure they're ready, the Grand Junction Regional Airport trains every year.

"Every year we all come together," says interim airport manager, Amy Jordan. "We exercise our airport emergency plan, and make sure we can respond as coordinated as possible."

"It's a multi-agency drill that allows us to better serve the community should we have an emergency," says Grand Junction Fire Department firefighter and EMT, Shaw Montgomery.

The entire drill was live-tweeted on a special twitter handle, it even had it's own hashtag.

Only organizers knew the details of the mock emergency before it happened; none of the people actually participating had any idea what or when it would happen, forcing them to react, instead of plan ahead.

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