Preventing dog bites and attacks

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Sometimes it's provoked, other times a dog attack is completely unexpected... and now authorities are urging everyone to educate themselves to make sure it doesn't happen to them or their families.

Often certain dog breeds get a bad rep for being so-called 'bully-breeds,' but Mesa County Animal Services warns that any dog with teeth can - and if provoked, will -bite.

"You need to know what a dog's body language is telling you," says Animal Services Director, Penny McCarty. "We've all seen the little puppy that comes wagging its tail, that's fine, you can help that dog out. But when you see a dog's body language and you just aren't sure of what it's behavior is, don't approach that dog. That's when you need to call us."

If you are bitten, authorities say you should get treated immediately, especially if the bite breaks the skin.

Often times, while trauma may seem minor, bacteria from the animal's mouth can cause bad infections and lead to other serious medical issues.

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