Preventing veteran suicides

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. Post traumatic stress disorder and depression are a serious problem for returning vets, and at least one instance of a worst-case-scenario, hits very close to home here in the Grand Valley.

Military service runs deep in Wayne Telford's family, and when his daughter Brooke joined the Air Force after graduating from Fruita Monument High School he was elated.

"When they deploy is the hardest time," says Telford, a Vietnam Veteran himself. "We went through that four times and you're filled with overwhelming joy when the finally come home, like she's safe."

In January 2012, Brooke's PTSD led her to take her own life.

Her death led Telford to become involved in promoting awareness about internal struggles for our returning vets.

His work to spread that awareness earned him a spot as the personal guest of Senator Michael Bennet at the State of the Union address in Washington DC next Tuesday.

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