Program allows high schoolers to earn college credit

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FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO) - If you do the math and add the cost of books, student fees, housing and classroom time, college is costly. But, what if your student got a jump start on their college education and the school district picked up part of the tab?

School District 51 offers a program that can save you and your student money when it's time for college bills by allowing your student to cash in on early college credits.

It's a big transition from high school to college, and parents are always worried for their child when they leave home. But the ''High School Scholars" program lets high schoolers take college courses and get a taste for that lecture style class, without leaving home.

“My mom actually wanted me to take it, so I could get a feel for next year, because I’m probably not going to [Colorado Mesa University], and she didn't want to just throw me into it," Fruita Monument High School senior Ashley Vincent said.

Vincent is already getting a jump start on multiple general education classes that will transfer over to the university she attends.

“I was done with my [pre-required classes] junior year, and I didn't want to graduate early, and I really didn't have much to do this year so I was like, I'll take college classes, and it worked out well,” Vincent said.

Perhaps the even better news for Vincent and her family is all of those credits she’s tallying up before college are paid by the school district.

"The school district covers the tuition of the student and the students are responsible of the books and any student fees, and that varies on if they are taking the class on the high school campus or college campus," Fruita Monument High School counselor Bob Corneille said.

School officials say it's a good way to get your feet into the post-high school waters and get a feel for the next stage of school.

“It's a great one for students who think they are not college material, so it is a great way for them to test the waters and find out, 'I really can do the work, I’m capable of doing this,’" Corneille said.

The high school scholars program for Fruita Monument High School offers 186 seats for those students who qualify to take CMU classes, and school officials say that nearly a dozen of students are taking classes at CMU and the high school.

If you child is interested in the High School Scholars program, have them contact their school counselor for more information.

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