Proposed Cameo shooting complex making strides

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CAMEO, Colo. The Western Slope may soon be home to one of the nation's premier shooting complexes.

Cameo, which used to be home to a bustling coal mining town and then an Xcel power plant, could be re-purposed again.

The plan is to create a brand new shooting complex, complete with 3D archery. riflery, shotgun and handgun ranges and even space for teaching facilities.

"So many times the waste sights just sit there and are an eyesore," says Palisade Mayor, Roger Granat. "I think the planned use for this is an excellent opportunity."

Last week, a house bill was approved 10-3 allowing the Division of Parks and Wildlife to begin negotiations to purchase the proposed spot.

They hope to have ownership of the more than 800 acres of land by the end of this year.

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