Prosecution rests their case in Jensen trial

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. The last four witnesses today included the doctor who examined Heather Jensen's oldest son Tyler during his time at Children's Hospital in Denver.

Another medical expert who did the autopsy on both boys took the stand and he shared pictures from his post mortem exams.

The prosecution made the decision to not publish the external pictures of William and Tyler's autopsies to the jury, but they did show pictures of their lungs to point out what happens to the body when suffering from hyperthermia.

The pictures showed the boys' lungs, which had red spots on them and the examiner, Dr. Robert Kurtzman, said those spots are pin point hemorrhages. This happens when someone is gasping for breath but can't inhale, which is what he said happened to both boys.

Another medical expert who took the stand is Dr. Angela Czaja she treated Tyler while at Children's Hospital and said he was in multiple organ failure and had irreversible brain damage. With the Jensen family knowing all of this, she said her reports show the family being concerned about their appearance.

"I think there was tension which made sometimes being there difficult it's not uncommon that parents react in all sorts of different ways but i do know there were a lot of tension and a lot of worry about how people might perceive what had happened," Czaja.

Emotional testimony from Jensen's former best friend left both women in tears after reliving that November night.

Sharon Romero and her fiancé, another good friend of Jensen's, both took the stand going through the events of the day leading up to the incident on Powderhorn Road and even the moment when Jensen called her after the incident.

In response to the opening statements made by the defense saying Jensen was borderline developmentally challenged, the prosecution asked Romero if she thought Jensen was mentally slow and Romero said no.

Jensen pleaded not guilty to two counts of criminally negligent homicide two counts of child abuse resulting in death and one count of false reporting to authorities. If found guilty, Jensen faces up to 24 years behind bars.

The defense will begin calling it's witnesses on Wednesday, but they are not required to prove anything and could simply rest their case making closing arguments start as soon as Wednesday as well.

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