Protesters call for King's withdrawal from Sheriff's election

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. On Sunday several Mesa County residents stood out on the corner of 12th and North Ave. to share their distaste for Steve King as the next Mesa County Sheriff.

King, who recently won the primary election by a large margin, is currently under fire for a time card discrepancy during his time at the Sheriff’s Office, which resulted in his contract being terminated with them.

Now residents are outraged by the continuation of his campaign for Sheriff.

"Whether it was an honest mistake or a deliberate act it just shows his lack of responsibility,” said David Melewski, one of the protestors during Sunday’s rally.

The group held signs and banners saying that King cannot be trusted and that residents need to call for his resignation in the race, and that criminal charges should be filed for his time card discrepancies.

"It can't stop with the CBI the grand jury investigation, the investigation comes from the people specifically and that where this has to go," said Linda Bestland, another participant in the rally.

We reached out to King to speak about the rally and the controversy surrounding him and the investigation that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation is conducting, and he sent this statement.

"At this stage I think the voters deserve for the situation to be investigated by a third party. I look forward to helping in any way that I can so this can be resolved quickly and professionally," said King via statement.

During the current investigation and the one conducted through internal affairs at the Sheriff’s office, the District Attorney has said that King has been more than cooperative.

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