Fruita Monument students built a homemade catapult

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FRUITA, Colo. (KKCO) Some Fruita Monument High School students had some good, messy fun on Wednesday.

They launched pumpkins, bowling balls, watermelons and, as they said, "basically anything else that would go 'splat,'" with their very own, home-made trebuchet.

The catapult took 2 weeks to build and was a collaboration between the AG Mechanics, Technology and Physics departments.

"Students learn better when they're having fun," says Fruita Monument teacher, Ryan Hudson. "We've got three different classes, probably 100 different kids that have worked on it and dealt with it and we got two or three main kids that have built most of it."

Once the trebuchet was dialed into it's sweet spot, the group was throwing fruit more than 200 feet.

And they say with a little more work and a longer throwing arm, they hope to extend that distance before they run out of pumpkins.

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