Pursuing the undecided voter

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GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. (KKCO) -- While many Mesa County voters took to the polls for early voting today, others are still holding out on filling out there ballots. These are the voters who political experts say will likely come down the undecided voters who haven't yet voted.

For undecided voter Dalton Sheffield, it's a matter of not finding his candidate of choice.

"I'm undecided because I feel like neither candidate has a real value of the people," Sheffield said.

Justin Gollob, assistant professor of Political Science at Colorado Mesa University, said it's voters like Sheffield who will be the deciding factor in this election.

"Right now it's a statistical tie, and neither candidate can claim to have an advantage at this point," Gollob said. "So the advantage will come from which candidate can get these voters over on Election Day."

Gollob said the undecided voter tends to be more moderate, a-partisan with less of an interest in politics.

Mesa County Republican Party and Mesa County Democrats are reaching out to these voters hoping to win their vote before Nov. 6.

Mesa County Republican Party Chair Ruth Ehlers said she hopes the undecided voters attend Paul Ryan's speech.

"This is the best way to learn and find out what kind of a man this is, what the plans are what they have for their program going forward," Ehlers said. "The best way is to see this man in person."

For Mesa County Democrats, winning the undecided vote is a two-step process.

"It's really trying to understand who they are and if they're really going to be a vote for our candidates," said Karl Castleton, co-chair of Mesa County Democrats. "That's what we're trying to find out in the months up to this point and now. It's just taking that information and bringing out those people we thought were going to support us."

Meanwhile, Sheffield said he hopes after tonight's final presidential debate, the appropriate choice for him will become apparent.

"Everyone's waiting for that big ray of sunshine to come down on the right candidate, which isn't going to happen," Sheffield said. "So I'm hoping that I'll see something in the next few days to help me weigh my decision."

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